Vasque Juxt Multi-Sport Shoes

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It is rumoured that the SEAL Team Six (DevGru) wore Vasque Juxt multi-sport shoes in Pakistan during operation Neptune Spear. That alone should be enough to demonstrate their quality and toughness. Vasque are specialists in constructing cutting-edge technology footwear. With a fierce reputation, they produce shoes to survive extreme conditions and punishing abuse.

Vasque Juxt – Comfort and Cost

The Juxt model provides supreme comfort due to their built-in shock absorbance and stability. Due to this, there is no need for shoe ‘break-in’. Furthermore, the price is on-point. This aggressive footwear steps on multiple treads to ensure positive traction, thus provides speed and skill over challenging terrain.

Vasque Juxt – Ideal for Desert Terrain

Offering absurd breathability, they assist heat dissipation and odour reduction. Furthermore are versatile, light-weight and comfortable, so relevant for all who enjoy trail running, trekking or general rucking.

Vasque’s ethos is to produce footwear that inspires adventure. The Juxt is a no brainer. A top quality shoe for price and purpose. Powerful yet subtle and lightweight yet durable. You can be sure they won’t disappoint.


  • Molded dual density EVA insole
  • Compression molded EVA & TPU Plate
  • OTG rubber with multiple tread out-sole
  • Heel depression
  • Molded rubber toecap
  • 1.6mm suede leather upper
  • Asymmetric curved arch
  • Adjustable lock down lace system
  • Built on Arc Tempo
  • 15 oz lightweight shoe