Tru-Spec UDT Shorts

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With its debut made from early Navy’s Underwater Demolition Team (UDT), during combat swimming and tactical aquatic operations, Tru-Spec UDT Shorts are still on top in trend among youths. Classic design, lightweight, non-restricting and durability is what makes this shorts perfect for men’s since its debut and make it the best shorts. Tru Spec built these UDT Shorts for summer workouts, sports and waterfront activities. It is made from high strength 60/40 (60 % cotton and 40 % polyester) blend of cotton and polyester twill materials.

For many police officers, fire fighters, even military personnel Tru-Spec UDT Shorts are like a synonym to quality shorts. As such work demands more physical work, so it’s very much important to come up with the right kind of shorts.

TRU-SPEC® shorts are the go-to choice for work or for play. Comfortable, durable and versatile for any activity, these shorts provide plenty of pockets for storage and a great casual look.

Below are some of their qualities and features that won’t make you think twice before buying it.

  • WWII GI pattern, cut from the same GI pattern as the original.
  • Single back patch pocket.
  • Zip closure fly for extra convenience.
  • Perfect for warm weather wear and has a quick-drying capability.
  • Adjustable front poll strap with anodized brass O-ring ensures an ideal fit and durability that will stand up to rugged use.
  • Perfect for men who don’t want trimmings and frills found in other regular swim shorts.
  • It has a waist retention belt that helps to correct any wiggle room.
  • Available sizes are30 – 40 (Even Sizes Only).

Tru-Spec UDT Short

Right kind of apparel is too much important for situations where full pants don’t fit right and when your profession demands something not less than an elegant and good look, one should always count Tru-Spec UDT Shorts on top.