Thorlo Combat Boot Socks

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Socking it to you with Combat Boot Socks

Thorlo’s combat boot socks perform with superior resilience, comfort and durability. Constructed with THOR•LON® fibres. Moisture-wicking for drier feet with a non-irritant toe seam. Combined unique ball and heel padding for enhanced movement and protection. Benefitting from further thick cushioning in the shin, instep and arch for a tighter fit. Thus deters painful combat boot abrasion and pressure. Proven clinical trials reveal a marked decrease in soldier foot issues.

A classic ‘engineered sock’.

Despite fending off bombs and bullets, soldiers continue to complain of one simple thing – sore feet.
In perfect union, Thurlo socks manage to enhance mobility whilst protecting feet in less than ideal climates. No more foot pain post crucial combat conditions. Perhaps why most Special Ops reach for these socks.

Thorlo – Beyond Socks:

USA based Thorlo aim to be the best foot patron in the world. By protection. With comfort. For health. Illustrating their mantra of ‘Caretakers of the World’s Feet’. Hence their design of these genuine military combat boot socks.

Combined with a brand promise guarantee, the Thurlo troops have accomplished exactly what the warfighter wants and needs.