SOG Tomahawk – Perfectly Balanced Tactical Hatchet

Posted in Knives

“A Tomahawk made to disturb flesh.”

SOG Tomahawk is an excellent hatchet that’s packed with utility features that are very handy to use for close-combat fighting as well as soldier missions on the field.

One of which is the ability to remove obstacles. For example, by utilizing the thick Spearhead tip, this hatchet is even able to break down doors and other hard objects easily. With a powerful swing of your arm, it will bite into the structure of the objects, tearing it apart instantly.

As for the other tip – the Ax Blade? It’s made to dig deep into the flesh of your enemy. With just the slightest contact with this Ax blade, the flesh of your enemies will be ripped apart and cause incredible pain.

It is, without a doubt, the pinnacle of close-combat fighting equipment. Because the destructive power of SOG Tomahawk is so tremendous, the Vikings would have approved it.

Few things in life are as reliable as this Tomahawk – or this useful.

What’s special about the SOG Tomahawk:

  • Perfect balance between versatility and force momentum – Not too light and not too heavy. Light enough to prevent sore arms, and heavy enough to create a destructive momentum power
  • Spearhead Tip and Ax Blade – Useful in many different situations such as close-combat situations and also obstacle removals such as branches, doors, and other obstacles
  • Incredibly Sharp Blade – It can chip wood and any “objects” extremely fast. It’s also coated with anti-corrosion coating so it’s guaranteed to last long
  • Tough Ballistic Polymer Handle – Incredibly tough and light, fits comfortably in your hands without slipping
  • Extremely Sturdy Built Quality – With tight reinforced bolts as a connector to prevent any wobbliness. It’s built like a tank and ready to take a beating