SOG SEAL Strike Fixed Blade

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If your kit’s only got room for one knife, you’d be well-suited to choose the SOG SEAL Strike. Put simply, this is one of the best all-purpose survivalist knives on the market today. Whether it be about pure survival (Serrated edge, hard-hitting pommel, and full-tang construction) or hand-to-hand defense (razor-sharp straight edge and accurate design),  this blade is equal parts functional and deadly.

The true separator about this weapon is in the clever sheath design. It has a built-in cord-cutter, blade sharpener, and fire starter. When you find yourself in the shit, or if you are a survivalist junkie – bring the SOG SEAL Strike and you won’t regret it.

What makes SOG SEAL Strike an Excellent Soldier Knife?

  • Extreme Blade Toughness & Wear-resistance – SOG’s special Cryogenic Heat Treatment abuses the blade with freezing low temperature (-300 F) to toughen up the molecular structure atom of the blade steel before it even reaches your hand. When you use it, it’ll be like using a mature piece of blade, able to withstand any torture with ease
  • Improved Ergonomics and Power Momentum – The modernized blade design (thick in the center) makes for a perfect swing. As a result, one swing of this blade is powerful enough to remove any obstacle that stands in your way
  • Built-in cord-cutter, Blade sharpener, and Fire-starter – Everything you’ll ever need to survive – built into the knife sheath
  • Durable Handle & Blade Construction – SOG SEAL Strike is built on a Full-tang construction. It’s built to withstand even the roughest field abuse
  • Lightweight & Versatile For all the things this knife allows you to do, this knife weighs only 5.6 ounces. How’s that for value?