SOG Entrenching Tool – A light & compact folding shovel

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“An entrenching tool that’s as compact as a can of corned beef.”

Going on an outdoor mission without a decent shovel is a fatal mistake. Because there will be times when you need to dig out dirt, sand, or snow. And you know what? Digging with a shovel is infinitely more effective than bare-hand digging.

Enter the SOG Entrenching tool, a compact folding shovel that can do the job just fine.

You see, most people don’t want to carry a shovel because it’s so huge and heavy, takes up so much space in your backpack…

That’s why SOG designed this compact folding shovel. It’s so small and incredibly light, making it a solid 10/10 in terms of versatility!

Once folded, this compact shovel takes the same amount of space as a can of corned beef. Which would you rather have?

What’s special about the SOG Entrenching Tool:

  • Compact Size – Once it’s inside the pocket sheath, it takes up very little space & weight you can barely notice it
  • Clever folding design – fast and easy assembly without any tools whatsoever
  • Sturdy built quality – allows you to dig without feeling any kind of flex or wobbliness
  • Side saw pattern – side serrated steel pattern helps you side dig a soil that has lots of roots embedded in it because as you dig, the side-saw will simultaneously cut away the roots in the soil
  • Tempered High-Carbon Steel Blade – High-carbon steel material that’s been heated to achieve maximum durability & toughness – all for the sake of your maximum sturdiness when digging