Salomon Quest 4D GTX Forces Boots

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Trekking on rough surfaces is no joke. We’ve all heard stories of soldiers popping their ankles & knees because of the tremendous shock impact with rocky surfaces — that’s because they don’t take footwear seriously.

This is why Salomon introduces you to the 4D GTX Force Boots — designed to give you the support and ankle grip of a mountain boots, but still has enough agility & lightness to take a knee or sprint to your target location.

The boots’ strength centers in its stability and superior ankle protection. Take its Advanced Chassis technology for example, it provides the user greater foot control and protection through a stable chassis construction two uniquely different midsole components. Moreover, the sole is imprinted with Reverse Chevron Pattern that will bite on both wet or dry surface no problem, preventing any devastating slips when you’re on the move.

If you’re doing a lot of trekking in mountainous & rough territories, consider picking the Salomon Force Boots as it will definitely be a worthwhile investment to enhance your mobility and prolong the lifespan of your ankles & legs.

What’s special about Salomon Quest 4D GTX Forces Boots:

  • Great Stability – Salomon’s Advanced Chassis technology guides the foot and provides stable foundation for walking/running
  • Non-slip Grip – Reverse Chevron Pattern will bite on wet or dry surface no problem
  • Maximum Ankle Protection – Because of its High-cut profile, these boots provide great ankle protection & stability when you’re out trekking on rough surfaces
  • Quick Dry Textile – Offers great air circulation, keeping your feet dry & warm even if you’re in wet mountainous territories