The Reaper – One of the Deadliest Special Ops Snipers

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Nick Irving is the 3rd Ranger Battallion’s deadliest sniper with 33 confirmed kills, thus earning the nickname “The Reaper

The Reaper is a book that tells the story of a young man who grew up to become one of the deadliest sniper in the history of US Military. What was different about this book is the honesty of Irving. Time and time again, you’ll find him sharing a story about his struggles as a newly enlisted soldier in the US Army, his fear of heights, or his fear of jumping out of a perfectly safe airplane. Almost as if he wanted you to see how human he truly is.

He wanted you to believe, through him, that a man can put his fears behind him and show true courage in doing the things that needed to be done. Even if those things are risky, ugly, and potentially fatal to one’s own safety. (*battle picture*)

People call him The Reaper because of how many kills he made, but as you progress through this book, you’ll find that the so-called Reaper ended up saving a LOT more innocent lives through the ones he took.

To me, the ending of the book tells a crucially important story that everybody needs to hear. It’s about PTSD (xxx) that Nick Irving himself struggled with. Through this honest story, you’ll have a deep understanding of what actually happens to a soldier newly back from the terrifying warzone. Truly a valuable insight on how to balance your soldier self & your civilian side.

On one hand, Nick Irving is one of the deadliest professional assassins the U.S. Military has ever trained. But, he doesn’t let that fact prevent him from becoming a loving husband & a caring father that he is. Truly a man that anyone can learn from, especially aspiring young soldiers that have never experienced war before.














Silent but Deadly

Extreme, ground-breaking and exposing, Nick Irving’s book gives a tension filled account of life as an army sniper. Irving intensely depicts the true story of his prominent military career. In-depth, he graphically reports the horrific and chaotic scene which is combat in Afghanistan.

Shoot to Kill

From a military family, Nick Irving holds no punches as he tells why and how he carved his career. Notably, the first African American to serve in the 3rd Ranger Battalion. An array of white knuckle, gripping accounts lead to his legacy of becoming death itself, the Reaper. Nick Irving’s lethal aim resulted in taking out 33 Taliban fighters. The most enemy kills on a single mission.

His job is to kill others. Yet amid the accolade of heroism, he records mixed emotions. Examples include the heinous face-off against the notorious Chechnian. He continues to report on injury, illness and comrades’ deaths. Having fought for six years, he grew weary of war.

The Reaper gives you a first hand account of the the global war on terrorism and why there won’t likely be a resolution in sight. Irving teaches why and how a normal guy can become an elite operator. Describing the toll warriors take, both physically and mentally.

Without doubt, Nick Irving will gain your respect. Made of tough stuff, we salute you Sergeant.