Ontario Mark 3 Navy Dive Knife

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Ontario Mark 3 is made for soldiers who value function over fashion. No blings nor decoration. Just pure performance of a top-notch Dive Knife. So much so that the US Naval Forces – one of the world’s most elite group of soldiers trust this blade to become their main combat knife.

The Mark 3 blade is made of pure stainless steel, making it anti-rust and extremely durable. So if your combat mission takes you to the murkiest ocean, exposure to salt water is not a problem for this knife. On the outer side, the solid sheath will also lock the blade tightly, ensuring you won’t accidentally drop it and damage your rubber boat. And as for the blade itself, It’s equipped with a serrated edge that performs spectacularly when removing obstacles (cutting ropes and tough wild roots).

What makes Ontario Mark 3 Navy Dive Knife an Excellent Diving Knife?

  • Corrosion-resistant – With the Black-Oxide finish on the blade, this knife is guaranteed to last even when you’re taking it into the murkiest ocean water. The proof? Even the US Naval Forces trust this knife with their lives.
  • Rock-solid Handle Pommel – The bottom pommel of this knife is so strong it can hammer anything down. Even the sharpest objects will be pummeled easily by this knife’s pommel
  • Strong Blade Material – The blade is made from 440A Stainless Steel. This guarantees that your blade will withstand abuse and won’t rust even in constant exposure to seawater
  • Partially Serrated Edge – A utility Sawblade feature that can prove useful when your boat is stuck on tangled wild roots, when you have to cut ropes, tough fabric, etc.
  • Nylon Belt Attachment – A practical way to keep your blade close and safe when you’re diving underwater. Paired with the solid sheath, you’ll never have to worry about losing your knife