OKC Automatic Rescue Knife by Ontario

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Unsheath your blade with the press of a button.”

When you’re stealth-operating deep into the enemy territory and suddenly you’re facing potential ambush… Do you panic? Do you open fire like a baboon in desperation?

If you are true Special Forces elite, you stay calm.

You stay calm… You unsheathe your automatic knife with lightning speed (thank God for automatic knives)… And you kill the threat Instantly. Swiftly. Effectively.

OKC Automatic Rescue Knife by Ontario lets you rescue yourself & your whole team from an enemy ambush. Just like that. Click!

What’s special about OKC Automatic Rescue Knife by Ontario:

  • PRECISION is The Name of the Game — with a calculated blade size of 154 cm and a built material of pure steel provides accurate slashes and firm blade maneuver
  • LIGHTING FAST UNSHEATHE — Like all automatic knives, you will instantly be combat-ready with just a click of a button
  • DULLED TIP — Built-in safety mechanism to avoid accidental punctures. Harm the ones that you want to harm, not otherwise
  • EXCELLENT HANDLE GRIP — Premium aluminum built quality makes it lightweight and extremely durable at the same time
  • PORTABILITY — Includes a nylon belt sheath and reversible pocket clip, allowing you to carry your automatic knife by your side wherever you go