Oakley Men’s Jury Rectangle Sunglasses

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Durable and comfortable to wear, every warrior athlete’s outdoor companion- Oakley Men’s Jury Rectangle Sunglasses is definitely up to snuff. With more than 540 patents under its belt, Oakley has become a premium sporting accessory brand worldwide. Footwear to apparel, sunglasses to prescription eyewear, Oakley is the first name on your mind. Oakley ensures excellence in every product that they churn out. This is especially true when we look at the military-grade Jury Rectangle Sunglasses.

What are the key features of these sunglasses?

Body: It has a metal frame, which makes it quite sturdy for outdoor expeditions. Its unique body design makes it easier to handle or wear.

Lenses: The polycarbonate lenses makes the vision clearer. The sunglasses block harmful rays with the 100% UV protected lenses designed to shield your eyes. Prescription lenses are are ready for these sunglasses as well.

Color: Matte black with grey lenses are the most prominent color, however, the sunglasses do come in a variety.

These are the key features of Oakley jury sunglasses.

Frogman Favorite

Navy SEALs are a fan of the Oakley Jury Rectangle Sunglasses. The design’s implementation of coverage, look, and weight – make the Jury Rectangle Sunglasses a serious candidate for your next pair. Like the SEALs, these sunglasses get the job done regardless of the environment.


Oakley Men’s Jury Rectangle Sunglasses