Luminox RECON 8831 Analogue Military Watch

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When it comes to military watch, Luminox is known for their bold & highly specific design, aiming to aid special soldiers in their mission.

The Luminox Recon 8831 is a testament to that — a special watch designed to be able to serve as a small, portable, but efficient ground navigation tool. Aimed to help soldiers on a reconnaissance mission, this watch’s features provide sufficient navigational system while also conserving space & storage.

The Luminox Recon is equipped with an external compass attachment (with degrees measurement), multi-purpose watch strap that could serve as measurement/comparison chart, and a built-in tachymeter to measure your walking speed — everything that you need for accurate navigation, embedded into your wristwatch.

If your missions take you to the most unknown territories, be sure to bring the Luminox Recon with you — It will help you navigate through your mission zones more effectively, nimbly, and accurately.

What makes Luminox 8831 An Excellent Military Watch?

  • Tough Construction — Protected by a matte black case made of hard polycarbonate material, this watch is built to endure rough treatments on the field
  • Built-in Navigation Tools — External compass attachment (with degrees measurement), built-in speed scale/tachymeter, and a multi-function watch’ strap that could measure in inch/cm
  • Sapphire Glass — The sapphire glass coating of the crown of the watch makes it scratch resistant and anti-reflective
  • Strong Water Resistant — Double security gasket and screw-down construction of the crown makes it suitable for prolonged swimming and diving (up to 660 ft)