IRONWEAR Fitness Uni-Vest (short)

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The Power of IRONWEAR:

Introducing IRONWEAR, the world of wearable weights. Leading the design of weight vests as a tool for the tactical military fitness market. Supplying the best value and best supported weighted vest in the industry.

20lb Fitness Uni-Vest (Short):

Of note, this Fitness Uni-Vest (short) is compact. In order to fit sheath-like to provide more comfort. Supplied at 10lbs, you can adjust this by pocketing the supplied Flex-metal 0.5lb weights equally throughout the vest. Adding a further 10lbs to toughen that training. In addition there is the flexible factor, hence it will move as you do.

Furthermore, this weighted vest remains secure; fitting snug to your bulk (or current lack of). Due to the large, overlapping elastic strapping scheme. Yet still allows for chest expansion/contraction during strenuous workouts.

Finally, the heavy padded ballistic Nylon shell provides sheer strength. Coated with a soft fabric allowing you to train in comfort. Cased with strong and flexible shoulder straps to enable that full range of motion.

Athletes Approval:

Evidently, the 20lb Fitness Uni-Vest (short) is in a league of it’s own. Utilised by the military and endorsed by Reebok. So durable in fact that IRONWEAR cover these shells and weights with a lifetime warranty. The perfect choice for tactical issues military members face throughout your career.