Breaking BUD/S: How Regular Guys Can Become Navy SEALs

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“The Bible for BUD/S”














An elite guide for the deadly dedicated owning raw ambition to secure a US Navy SEAL title. Undercover, this author freely depicts the harsh reality involved with Navy SEAL training. Providing explicit advice from initial enlisting. Leading to the tough selection process. Finally, the punishing training. Basically, how to succeed at each stag through providing energetic, blunt and savage accounts. Without doubt, not a read for the faint hearted.

‘Xavier’ dictates how regular guys can indeed transform. From couch to combat. Scrawny to brawny. Ordinary to operator. Clarifying in extreme detail the three entry avenues into BUD/S. Offering all pros and cons of each path. Upon selection, he prepares you to face your toughest challenge. Instructing how to create extreme mental strength alongside peak physical form.

Navy SEAL Training

This explicit account educates how to train like a warrior. How to survive the relentless challenges, with instruction on what to expect alongside solid strategies. Ultimately, how not to quit. Indeed, a potential life saver.

In essence, this guy offers you the crucial success guide for one of the world’s most notorious mental and physical challenges. Only for the seriously dedicated.