Asolo 95 GTX Hiking Boots

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When it comes to mountaineering or hiking, the first thought to cross our mind is ‘Boots’. Rugged terrains require sturdy boots that can endure all the rocks and mud along the way. If you haven’t heard of Asolo 95 GTX yet, then you sure are missing out on a great investment. Power-packed with a sturdy material, tough sole and a great grip, these boots are every mountaineers dream.

What are its key specs?

Durable: Asolo 95 GTX (Gore-Tex) is a practical, comfortable and popular pair of hiking boots. They are made of breathable Gore-Tex membrane that is superb to keep your feet dry in any weather condition

Body: The boots are made of Cordura® Nylon as well as suede to provide great fit and comfort. The body is completely waterproof, hence proves to be an asset in wet terrains or rugged mountains

Soles: The insole is made of Asoflex® thermoplastic that provide great protection in case of a mishap or uneven terrain. The midsoles are made up air-injected polyurethane that is great for cushioning

Others: You can enjoy the eternal classic lacing system that keeps the boots intact. It has self-cleaning lugs that are designed for optimal performance

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Asolo 95 GTX