HHV ATE Ballistic Helmet

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A Baller of a Ballistic Helmet:

We welcome the HHV ATE Ballistic Helmet. Not only does the design provide the best in protection and comfort but it’s also versatile and budget conscious as well. What’s more, the NVG shroud is solid, rails are robust, with harness and pads good to go. Besides a high cut design, you can modify with any load-outs.

Although constructed with Dupont Kevlar, it weighs in at just 3 lbs. Yet is solid enough to take the full force of headfirst impacts. As each helmet passing rigorous quality control checks by certified NIJ labs. Reassuring to know that this helmet will remain seated even during rapid movement and the most strenuous of tactical manoeuvres.

Hard Hitting HHV:

HHV (Hard Head Veterans) are incidentally a veteran owned business providing low cost and high quality ballistic helmets. Namely, the team 100% consists of past/present military/law enforcement. Consequently, they 100% understand your need for quality gear, that doesn’t cost a shed load. Above all, their goal is to provide you with the protection that you deserve.

HHV Helmet in a Shell:

Finally, the old steel pot has been replaced with this HHV ATE BALLISTIC HELMET. Face to face combat with armed subjects need no longer be so feared. We believe the ATE to be lighter, cooler and tougher than any other current issued helmet. All thanks be to HHV for a quality helmet the average working grunt can actually afford.