Heckler & Koch P30 Assist Folding Knife

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Heckler & Koch’s P30 Assist Knife is modeled after the famous P30 Handgun. Offering the same features such as a fantastic grip handle, sleek blade design, and swift maneuvers on the field, this versatile assist knife may just be the right blade for you.

The knife is a folded type, so it’s easy to carry around and opens with one push of a button. This makes it a great choice for soldiers wanting to conserve storage space of their backpack. For obstacle removal, you’ve got the razor-sharp serrated edge. And of course, the thermoplastic handle grip texture on this knife is exactly what you’d expect from a knife modeled after the P30 – aggressive and biting, it performs a non-slip grip even when your hand is wet, allowing for a consistently accurate strike of your blade.

What makes the H&K P30 Assist Knife an Excellent Folding Knife?

  • Fantastic Grip Handle – The P30 Series is known for their tight & snug grip handle. The secret is in the thermoplastic construction that offers a non-slip grip even when your palms are sweating
  • Strong Blade Material – Made with Stainless Steel, the blade of this knife will withstand abuse on the field. Re-sharpening the blade will also be easy since the tip is a straight edge
  • Serrated Blade Edge – Equipped with a utility Sawblade that’ll prove useful in cutting tough materials such as ropes, tough fabric, and tangled wild roots
  • Lightning-Quick Release & Convenient Carrying – The one-button opening mechanism makes it easy for you to deploy the knife. Also, The simple belt/pocket clip makes it easy for you to carry this knife around
  • Extremely Lightweight & Compact – Weighs only as little as 2.81 ounces, allowing you to move at full speed!