Ghost Tactical Backpack by Direct Action

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When you’re on a combat mission a long way from home, an extra can of food/jug of water can mean living or dying. Anybody who’s ever been in a SpecOps mission knows what I’m talking about.

Ghost Tactical Backpack is a backpack built on this idea. With over 31+ Liters of storage capacity, this extra-large backpack is designed to allow you to carry more supplies into the battlefield. This can mean more food, water, bullets, mission equipment – you name it.

With that in mind, DirectAction built this backpack ruggedly. Using 500D Cordura Fabric, it’s more than able to handle the extra weight even in the most hectic conditions on the battlefield. So even though you’re putting on more weight, they made sure the backpack is able to handle the strain.

As for providing a comfortable carrying experience, this backpack is using DirectAction’s signature Combat Vent System (CVS) which utilizes stiff foam structure to prevent heat build-up and maintains a firm structure all throughout your journey.

So if you’re looking for a tactical backpack that provides extra-large storage, comfortable carrying, and rugged durability, Ghost Tactical Backpack may be the right option for you.

What’s special about the Ghost Backpack:

  • Extra Large Size – This backpack has 31+ Liters of storage, allowing you to carry more equipment & supplies onto the battlefield
  • Great Storage Control — This pack is equipped with 4 external pockets and comprehensive internal divider, which means you can pack your equipment in an organized manner
  • Rugged Durability — Extra storage means extra weight. But the 500D Cordura Fabric and heavy-duty stitching more than makes up for the extra weight
  • Excellent Air Circulation — Direct Action’s signature Combat Vent System (CVS) prevents heat build-up and maintains a firm structure
  • Durable Clips, Buckles, and Zippers — All made from reputable brands such as DURAFLEX® and YKK