Danner Acadia Boots – Patrolling Boots

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“Wear a tank as your footwear.”

Danner is an exemplary footwear brand that places customer service & customer satisfaction as their highest priority.

The proof is in the pudding. They’ve existed since 1932 and are still going strong, precisely because of that unquestionable commitment to constantly produce excellent quality footwear – speaking of which, the Danner Boots Acadia Series.

The Acadia Boots Series boasts Danner’s famous “stitch down construction” which makes it built like a tank. Also, they’re using one of the most durable fabric material on earth – the 1000 Denier Nylon that are stitched and crafted in such ways that makes this boots extremely durable. If you’re someone who’s in the Law Enforcement, this boots can serve as an excellent patrolling companion.

What’s special about Danner Acadia Boots:

  • POLISHABLE LEATHER – Allowing you to polish & hand-maintenance this baby up, make sure it retains its silky smooth black color
  • 1000 DENIER NYLON – So strong it’s practically untearable. So long as the willfire in your heart is still going strong, this boots is going to support you wherever you wanna go
  • WATERPROOF & BREATHABLE – ensures that no water gets in and also making sure that air circulation is smooth
  • SHOCK-ABSORBING HEELS – Designed for comfort & preventing sore feet when you walk
  • RECRAFTABLE – Triples the life of your boot with Danner’s professional recrafting services. Including part replacement, leather care, and complete restitching of the boots. No need to buy a new pair of boots – Recraft it and you practically get new boots!