Chosen Soldier: The Making of a Special Forces Warrior Book

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 “A tribute to the single most valuable asset America has in the war against terrorism – the special forces soldier of Green Beret” 

Chosen Soldier: The Making of a Special Forces Warrior tells a story of the US Army Special Forces, otherwise known as Green Berets. Dick Couch provides an insider’s view of the selection, training, and equipping of one of the most elite military units.

The author details the life of a Special Forces warrior and the process of taking competitive individuals and molding them into the chosen soldier. Additionally, he debunks much of the Hollywood stereotypes and cliches attached to Green Berets.

When thinking of this special operations force, you’d be forgiven for picturing a Gatling-gun wielding Rambo. However, the responsibilities and capabilities of these warriors equate to much more than just big guns with big bullets.

What Makes Green Berets Different?

Arsenals of the Special Forces can be invisible to the naked eye, yet they play a crucial role against terrorism. Such weapons include: language mastery, bonding with the locals, leadership, and persuasion.

In the war on terrorism, one element makes defeating the enemy extremely difficult – they are willing to do anything. I mean anything – human shields, intimidation, kidnapping, child suicide bombers, chemical weapons and the like. These tactics mitigate military superiority and sophisticated weapon systems.

Enter the soldier-diplomats

This fight requires warriors proficient in combat and weapon systems, but also in communication and negotiation.

Instructors can teach most soldiers how to employ scorched-earth battle tactics. However, only the chosen few can utilize these strategies while also applying complex humanitarian and training campaigns. Green Berets are the quiet professionals who must do it all.

If you are aspiring to join the Special Forces, or any SOF, then Chosen Soldier is a must-read.