Casio G-Shock GW9400 Rangeman Digital Watch

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When cutting-edge digital watch technology meets extreme durability, the Casio G-Shock GW9400 is born. Offering some of the world’s latest technology such as Atomic Timekeeping, Solar Tech, and Sunset/Sunrise Data, this watch made for a specialist such as SpecOps soldiers.

What makes this watch unique is not just its fancy technology — but also its ability to handle rough treatments on the field. Features such as the G-Shock Triple G Resist Structure, 200M Water Resistant, and Low-Temp Resistant are what makes this watch built far superior to ordinary tactical watches. Put simply, it’s built for soldiers who require the ability to withstand even the cruelest, rough, and god-awful conditions.

And as for sensors, this watch doesn’t hold anything back. It’s comprehensively equipped with Barometer, Thermometer, and Built-in Compass — every sensor you need to complete your mission successfully.

Because your missions demand the best equipment, and the danger on the field demands maximum durability, purchasing this tactical watch from Casio’s famous G-Shock Series will not disappoint your wrist.

What’s special about the Casio G-Shock GW9400:

  • Atomic Timekeeping Technology — Cutting-edge digital watch technology that automatically maintains precise timekeeping everywhere you go
  • Sunset/Sunrise Data — Record the sunset and sunrise in your local area so you can strategize your mission based on that data. Extremely beneficial when you’re on stealth and plan to move in the dark
  • Unlimited Power — With the Solar Panel Technology embedded in this watch, you’ll never worry again about power. As long as you’re exposed to the sun or any fluorescent lamps, your watch will always stay on
  • Tough Built Quality — Signature G-Shock Triple G Resist Structure are proven to be effective in absorbing external impact and protecting the delicate internal structure of the watch
  • 200M Water Resistant, Mud Resistant, and Low-Temperature Resistant — Delivering its promise of maximum durability
  • Comprehensive Built-in Sensors (Barometer, Thermometer, and Compass) — Every sensor that you need to complete your mission successfully