Aqua Lung Rocket II Scuba Diving Fins

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Why Rocket II these Scuba Diving Fins?

Prepare to be taken to new depths. Rocket II scuba diving fins provide thrust and power. Sporting a vented blade and resilience in addition to a compact, rugged and all rubber design. Moreover, the Rocket II offers various buying options. Either full foot or open heels as well as metal or quick release buckles. Not forgetting the self-adjust power bands, these¬†flippers cater for both the small and tall. Aqua Lung’s focus on no more foot fatigue means you’re best equipped for optimised underwater travel.

Technology is core to these Rocket II fins, ensuring you an enhanced performance. BUD/S take note.

  • Perfect Balance: as wide enough to resist water and thus propel you.
  • Perfect Length: to ensure headway.
  • V Boosters: offer optimal power with each kick.
  • Power Transmission Zone: ensures max efficient energy transmission.

Aqua Lung’s Military Divers

Aqua Lung introduced the world to scuba diving in 1943. Continuing to focus on product innovation, Aqua Lung now equip US military divers. The US Navy SEALs consider these Rocket II scuba diving fins to be mighty fine tools. Pledging their power due to the company’s research and technology. In true form, this renown label haven’t scrimped on quality, comfort or safety.