American Sniper: Memorial Edition – The Autobiography of Chris Kyle

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“The life story of the Devil of Ramadi – narrated by the Devil himself.”

This book is an autobiography of Chris Kyle, a man who’s widely known as the DEVIL.

But, as you read this book, you will come to understand that the truth is much more complicated than that.

He is, without a doubt, one of the deadliest Sniper in the human history. Racking up a number of 160 confirmed kills, this man single-handedly protects and supports his teammates from the enemy, often hundreds of meters away from the action.

By utilizing his extremely accurate sharp shooting skills, he eliminates threats before it even reaches the surface. You can only hear the sling-shot of his sniper rifle and the deadly precision of his bullets. He’s the one who paved a clear way for his teammates. It’s no wonder he’s deeply respected by his teammates… their life is in his hands. Literally.

All that being said, this book is NOT all about Glory & Heroism.

Much deeper than that, this book offers a first-person view of the life of Chris Kyle, and the challenges that come from being the American Sniper.

It tells us the story of one human being who fought through countless terror and evil in his time in the military. And more importantly, the implications of such fierce lifestyle to him and his family.

Because we all know the cross that soldiers have to carry all throughout their service protecting the US. The pain of having to leave our family back in the US… the anxiety that comes creeping in because of all the trauma in the battlefield…

Most soldiers can’t handle the realities of war. Especially its implications for the family relationship of that soldier.

Sadly, it’s the major cause of most broken homes and irreparably damaged family relationship.

That’s why it’s extremely important to talk not only about the sacrifices that soldiers have to make but also about the sacrifices that the FAMILIES of that soldiers have to make in order to send them to the battlefield.

It’s no wonder that this became #1 New York Bestseller.
It’s an autobiography of Chris Kyle, America’s Top Elite Sniper. Additionally, it’s one of the most honest portraits of life in and out of the battlefield.

If you’re someone who deals with issues such as War or anxiety on a daily basis, I am certain that this book will bring priceless wisdom to you & your family — especially if you’re also a fellow soldier.