Level Zero Heroes – U.S. Marine Special Operations in Afghanistan

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What makes Level Zero Heroes so touching?

Grit, dedication and a sweat-breaking thriller,Level Zero Heroes, is am aster work of Michael Golembesky and John R. Bruning. The authors entice us with the Military Special Operations Team 8222,as they journey through the strong point of Taliban- Bala Murghab.

A routine mission gone absolutely sideways, while pulling out vital supplies from an air drop! The team has to face major firing from the Taliban as their 82nd airborne paratroopers terribly drown in Bala Murghab River.

You can witness atense tale of the MSOT 8222 team unfold page by page. As they venture into the forte of the Talibanto extract their troops, they have to apply counter measures to survive. The unforgiving Afghan winter and the rough terrain add to the intensity of the story, so effectively narrated.

Feel the anxiousness of the situation on ground, as the military face gunfire from all quarters. Readers can visualize the hopelessness of the troops pinned to the ground.

The story depicts the personal acts of bravery and sacrifice of each of the MSOT 8222 members. The select few that fought side-by-side in Afghanistan to save the lives of their troopers, comes to life in this strong narrative.

You can gauge the power of the U.S Military troops who fought the Afghan War with undying determination, while reading this action-packed story-line.

The immense contribution to emerge successful by the MSOT Team has been portrayed distinctly in this book! Level Zero Heroes is the brave journey of the U.S. Marines, facing the Taliban, under hostile conditions.


Level Zero Heroes