5.11 TacLite Pro Tactical Pants

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SpecOps soldiers have high standards. For every equipment you wear, everything has to be durable. Everything has to be unfailingly reliable — including your pants.

Which is why 5.11 designed the Taclite Pro Tactical Pants for soldiers who demands a built quality that’s far superior to ordinary pants. Features such as Gusset Construction, Rip-stop Fabric, and YKK Zippers is what makes this pants comfortable, flexible, and built ruggedly.

As for fabric technology, this pants uses Teflon Treated Fabrics which makes it fully dirt and soil resistant. As a result, this completely removes the need to wash your pants when you’re on the move.

Because tactical pants are your first line of defense against rough surfaces, investing in the 5.11 Taclite Pro Tactical Pants will definitely help protect your legs—while also allowing you to always be active.

What’s special about 5.11 Taclite Pro Tactical Pants:

  • Gusset Construction – Reducing tight-fitting stress on your leg, allowing you to move with maximum agility
  • Rip-Stop Fabric – Fully tear-resistant fabric while also maintaining the main advantage of cotton, which is excellent air circulation
  • Extra-Sized Pockets – Allowing you to carry extra supplies (extra bullets, knife, flashlight, etc.)
  • Teflon Treated Fabrics — Stain Resistant fabric prevents dirt and soil from sticking to your pants, effectively removing the need to wash your pants when you’re on a mission
  • YKK Heavy Duty Zippers – Proven able to withstand rough treatments on the field