5.11 Recon Vandal Tactical Shorts

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Your training gear is as important as your training regiment. Failure to recognize this fact will lead to severe training inefficiencies.

Take your shorts for example. Most workout shorts are flawed because they restrict your movements, tear-up easily, or gets drenched in sweat without any sign of drying up soon. These kinds of blunders are what separates amateurs from the pros.

5.11 Recon Vandal are workout shorts that gives you absolute freedom of movement when training. Designed for professional MMA fighters, it provides rugged durability, maximum agile movements, and an ultra-comfortable wearing experience—every feature to support your heavy exercises.

With a fully gusseted crotch, four-way stretch fabric, and moisture wicking technology, this workout shorts are built to provide maximum performance for the fighter—you.

If you’re a fighter who’s trying to grind your way to achieve higher and higher training goals, step up your training gear by purchasing the 5.11 Recon Vandal.

Features of 5.11 Recon Vandal Tactical Shorts:

  • Four-way Stretch Fabric – Allowing maximum flexibility, enhanced freedom of movement, and excellent air circulation
  • Moisture-wicking technology – Keeps you cool & dry during your training and in-between
  • Safe Storage – Zippered pockets to safely store your valuables
  • Gusseted Crotch & Extra Heavy Seams – Makes it tear-resistant while also enhancing freedom of movement in the crotch area