Learn more about some unique Special Operations Forces of the U.S.

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U.S. Defense Services is known to have a number of special operating units within them. However, does anyone really know who these individuals are? They are specially trained in military warfare and are deployed on strategic counter terrorism missions worldwide.

Few unique special operating forces of the U.S. Defense-

Air Force Special Operations Weatherman:

This unit can actually forecast the weather above a fight, use direct weapons as well as kill the enemy at the same time. This is especially true for positioning of bombs as well as missiles, etc.

Air Force Combat Controllers

They are like Marine Recons, operating independently well behind enemy lines. They are considered to be amongst the most elite troops in the U.S. Air Force. Furthermore, they are experts in covert missions and often act as a voice for ground troops.

Army Combined Applications Group:

The Army CAGis a closed group.In order to maintain their identities, these troop members do not really have any physical footprint anywhere. The Army CAG comes in close contact with the enemy and keeps a close watch even in the toughest terrain.

Special Operations Forces

Night Stalkers:

One would probably know them better as 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne). Night stalkers provide chopper support to the Army in undercover missions. As part of Operation Neptune Spear they successfully helped to capture and kill Osama bin Laden.

Few more special operators in U.S Army and Navy:


They are part of the Special Force Regiment and are also called Marine Corps’ Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team. These troops not only guard sensitive naval set-ups, but also high combat weapons and artillery.

US Navy SEALs:

SEALs stand for Sea, Air and Land Operators.Additionally, they are divided into eight teams that undergo severe training for different missions.


US SEAL Team 6- Rainbow:

These teams conduct very special operations as well as said to be ranked number 2 under Army CAG. You will notice that these units are involved in completely off-grid or ‘Black’ operations.Team 6 Rainbow is said to carry out missionsdirectly under the chain of command of the US President.

Force Recon:

Force Recon is trained in all sorts of water-borne and Heli-borne warfare.They are a specialized unit of the US Marines and perform combat missions in sensitive war hit zones.