What are the Best Martial Arts to Learn for Special Operations?

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So, what are the best martial arts? Martial (warlike) arts were originally created for the purpose of war. Developed for killing and self-defence. Today’s Soldiers continue to use these aggressive skills, but the game has changed. Meaning different versions of fighting are required due to tasers, body armor, urban terrain, etc.

Fighting Styles to Take Out Attackers Within Seconds

Sometimes you won’t have time to attack and defend with a weapon. Hence, hand-to-hand combat being your only option. Thus a warrior instinct with supreme physical and mental power is vital.

Special Operations fighting style is lethal. Based upon MMA principles plus a hybrid of small weapons and empty hand techniques. Designed to subdue, maim or kill an enemy. Training is brutal. Physical, mental and emotional confidence is essential for these ultra deadly techniques, with mission specific methods.

Instilling a Cruel Fighting Spirit – Muay Thai

Muay Thai teaches a potent punch, with vicious knees and elbows. Training will make you absurdly tough, and massively qualified in full contact misery.

Restrain or Kill – Judo

Judo is huge in the martial art stakes. Widely used by the military as a non-lethal controlled response. Often restraint of a potential source is of much more value than ripping their throat out. Ground or standing grappling can be a quick and very ‘convincing’ source of ‘discomfort’.

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A Violent Conflict – Krav Maga

Krav Maga is military based and unique. Training includes weapon and multiple attacker skills. Intense drills focus on feigning real world scenarios. Emphasis is on fully disabling opponents through fitness, awareness, aggression and technique.

Best Martial Arts 2

Deadliest Fighting System – BJJ

Brazilian Jujitsu, is possibly the world’s deadliest martial art. This ground-based fighting style has emphasis on position, chokes and joint locks. Yet, BJJ also teaches fighting armed opponents using either a short, or no weapon.

Best Martial Arts 3

Throwing the Highest Volume of Strikes – Boxing

Boxing confirms physical fitness, strength, flexibility, and hand-to-hand skills. Furthermore, it is a combat form widely used in MMA. Indeed, a dominant striking base for fighters and guilty of the most major strikes and knock-downs/outs. Valuable traits include footwork, use of combinations, and defence techniques.

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Most Effective Takedown – Wrestling

Wrestling gains massive respect due to its MMA value. Known for critical explosive movement and stamina. Standard for excellent take-downs. Notably, no bad habits must be un-learned (like others) for modern combative.

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Mentality in an Attack

Each skill and technique requires complete commitment, with constant training to keep sharp. Maintaining muscle memory and tactical thinking is vital. Yet, tuition quality varies and you need a critical eye, as talent is often in the most obscure place.  

  • Some regard a mix of boxing and wrestling as most effective.
  • MT is more ‘edgy’ than others and allows multiple range skills, unlike Judo.
  • Consider the reality of success in a stand-up art. Boxing and MT have weighty drawbacks ie. 70 lbs of gear.
  • Some note too technical systems (BJJ) to be time costly.
  • MT teaches punching but not to boxing standard.
  • MT will not teach hostile setting tactics, nor weapon use. However, the military will.
  • Only the military are able to train in this form of Krav. Yet, civilian skills convert well.


To conclude, the most brutal and best martial arts discipline to learn is the one you love. Due to that being the one you’ll seriously train your butt off in. Pick one, freaking get in there, and tear it up.